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Welcome to Movies, Silently, a website dedicated to the lost art of silent films.

Silent movies occupy a twilight realm between books and talking pictures. Because both our eyes and imaginations are engaged at the same time, silent movies have the power to absorb and enchant far beyond talking pictures.

I’m Fritzi and the aim of this site is to create reviews and articles on silent movies that are fun, accessible and enthusiastic. My main focus will be on American films from the silent feature period: 1915-1929. However, I also plan to cover some foreign silent, remakes, and homages to silent films, as well as later period silent films.

I love to post long, long, long reviews of films. I will also be posting mini biographies of silent stars, articles on silent movie topics and reviews of books on silent movie subjects. Plus, I will include screen caps and animated GIFs from films I review.

I have blogging buttons at the bottom of each post for easy sharing. If you wish to use images or excerpts of articles or reviews, please be sure to credit Movies Silently and include a link to the site. I ask that you do not republish entire articles, reviews, or other content.

You can contact me anytime or follow me on Twitter.

My goal in creating this site was to make silent films more accessible to non-fans and to create enjoyable content for people who enjoy the genre already.

Who is this Fritzi Kramer when she’s at home?

That’s me!

I drink too much tea, read too many books and watch way too many movies. I was born and raised in California and am pretty happy with that on the whole. I love silent movies and want to share that love with you. Sound like a plan?

Here is a general guide to what I do:


I like to post very long and detailed commentaries on silent films, complete with plenty of screen caps. Some reviews will include extras like Silents vs. Talkies (where I compare a sound film that is either a remake or very similar in theme), Double Feature (where I recommend a talkie that will complement the silent), and Feminine Empowerment (when I talk about the roles of women in the film and how the portrayals are positive).

I have also started posting Fun Size Reviews, which are movie reviews in 100 words or less. Each fun size review has one picture and one dessert that symbolizes my opinion.


I am always trying new features but here are a few that I am actively posting:

  • Silent Movie Time Capsule: Interesting vintage articles or films.
  • Silent Stars Sing: Just what it sounds like.
  • About Silent Movies: Information about how to enjoy the silent movie experience.
  • Silent Movie Myths: Debunking some of the urban legends that have sprung up around silent film.
  • Lost Film Files: Vintage information on films that are missing, presumed lost or only exist in fragments.
  • In the Vaults: Vintage information on films that survive but have not been released to the general public.


My biographies of silent era personalities focus on their careers, their talents and their talkie transitions. My Mini Biographies contain 500 words or less. I am much more interested in their work than in their personal lives; I don’t bring their marriages or romances into the picture unless their careers were directly affected by them. My overall goal is for the biographies to be kind and respectful. I want to create something that will make descendants and relatives of silent era people feel proud. If I have an issue with a performer’s acting style, I will address it in a review not in a biography.


I want the site to be fun and engaging even to people who are not super fans of silent films. Everyone likes a good GIF. I hope everyone enjoys my selections.

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