Well, this is certainly a joy, or, Funtime Adventures with the Medical System Before the Holidays

Just a quick note to let you know that my usual Sunday review is delayed. If you may recall, I have been dealing with a rather stubborn kidney infection. I thought it was gone but, like the killer in a bad slasher film, it has returned for a jump scare.

The good news is that I am on new medication and my doctor thinks he knows what is causing the recurrences. The bad news is that I had to spend a lot of time to finally get to this point. (Do you know how hard it is to be seen just before a holiday weekend? I had to use every scrap of evil machinations in my bag of tricks to swing that.)

Add to that the fact that I haven’t exactly been feeling my best and, well, I wasn’t able to get my review up and running before the end of the day.

I expect to have it published tomorrow but felt the need to explain why the schedule has been off lately. In the meantime, here is a GIF of Marion Davies in The Patsy.

Hope to be on the mend and more timely soon!


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9 Replies to “Well, this is certainly a joy, or, Funtime Adventures with the Medical System Before the Holidays”

  1. I wish you well. I have had a sore throat for about 2 weeks and go to the doctor next Monday. That it is attached to sniffles etc give me hope bu8t I don’t want a sore throat for too long. A bad sign to say the least.

  2. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Take care of yourself, thanks for all your posts, and I hope you have a Happy Christmas.

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