Power Outage Imminent!

Hello all. Just letting you know that tomorrow, the power company in its infinite wisdom will be turning off my power for the entire day.

So, posting may be questionable and I may not be able to approve your comments promptly. Here’s hoping they stick to their promise that it will be over at five but we shall see. In any case, I plan to escape to Costco to take in the air conditioning, eat cheap hot dogs and buy seltzer by the case. (The pets will be fine. They actually hate the air conditioner and prefer a stuffier house.) If I can steal somebody else’s WiFi for a while, I will be using that. (Cell reception can be more theoretical than real out here, you see.)

Anyway, just a heads up. Country living, eh? And, ironically enough, during Silent Sci-Fi September too. Writing about advanced technology by candlelight: that’s a bit of a reverse, isn’t it? Usually, I am writing about old school tech using a laptop and WiFi.


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4 Replies to “Power Outage Imminent!”

  1. Dear Sir, thank you very much for all you do. may I please ask you a question?

    I know that recently two silent movie were rediscovered, Diplomatic Henry and Silence

    Is there any chance those movies will be released in a new future?

    Thank you once again

  2. Could be worse. You could be sweltering down here in Houston. Texas summers go hand-in-hand with AC.

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