Silent Movie Fans, Where in the World Are You?

I thought it would be fun to poll everyone and discover where silent movie fans are located. We’re going pretty basic here, just a poll by continent. Feel free to share more info in the comments (specific country, etc.) if you feel comfortable but it is by no means required.

You know the drill: Click the continent that best matches your current location and you’re good to go! I went ahead and included a category for island nations because the question of whether or not they are part of a continent is for geographers and not silent film bloggers.

I know we’re international but I am curious to see just how international! I’ll publish the results next week.


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19 Replies to “Silent Movie Fans, Where in the World Are You?”

  1. Queens, New York. Been a fan of the Silents ever since I saw the NYC Chaplin Retrospective with my Dad in 1963. My parents, born in 1902, always preferred the Silents and passed their interest on to me.

  2. Specifically,
    North America

    Home of the Toronto Silent Film Festival, and Silent Revue (Sunday afternoon screenings at a historical theatre). Both celebrated their 10th anniversary.

    – Caftan Woman

  3. I currently live in Kingwood, West Virginia, but I’ve lived in many places as an army brat 🙂

  4. John T Humphreys first became inamored with silent flix in Los Angeles and the series “Silents please” 1959

  5. My feet are in Michigan (Detroit area); heart is torn between DeMille Studios and Rin Tin Tin’s kennel

  6. Didn’t see Brooklyn, NY so am throwing it in.
    One of our local colleges has monthly showings with live
    piano music. And main Library does the same as well!
    How lucky can you get?

  7. I live in the state that gave us Harold Lloyd & Fred Niblo–also the Astaires, Hoot Gibson, Ward Bond, & (the first) Robert Taylor.

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