Theme Month! May 2019: 100 Years Ago…

It’s time for my annual examination of films that were released exactly a century ago! And after the somewhat mixed bag of 1917 and 1918, 1919 is a real corker of a year.

We have Nell Shipman, Antarctica and the Lubitsch touch… and that’s just what I have reviewed already! It was a fascinating year with new ideas and innovations, a desire to return to normal after the war (Americana was big in the US markets), and some leftover propaganda.

A quick note: I am going to be heading off the beaten path (AGAIN???) this month, so I won’t be covering some of the big titles of 1919 now but I have reviewed some in the past.

As an appetizer, here’s the 1919 list of films I have reviewed (an inordinate number beginning with the letter D):

Enjoy! Oh, and I also wrote a piece about the stewed prunes in Daddy Long Legs and made a batch.


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3 Replies to “Theme Month! May 2019: 100 Years Ago…”

  1. Just read your piece about the stewed prunes. And yes, like your dad with the Spam, my uncle ate pineapple so often when he was stationed in the South Pacific during World War Two, he could never stand it afterward.

  2. Here’s another “D” film for your list. Different From The Others starring Conrad Veidt. Groundbreaking flick about homosexuality. Well worth a viewing.

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