Poll: Which Decade of Silent Film Would You Like to Learn More About?

I’ve run similar polls in the past asking readers which decade they like the best but this one is a little different. I want to know which decade of silent filmmaking you want to learn about.

I set the dates starting with the 1890s (though I guess I could have done the 1880s as well but I am more about the commercial aspects of film) and ending with the 1930s. Silents were pretty dead in the USA by 1930 but they held on internationally so let’s be wild. 1900, 1910 and 1920 need no introduction to film fans.

Obviously, this is a personal decision. The 1920s are considered THE silent film years to many but there are still plenty of untold stories about the decade. Or you might be interested in something earlier. Up to you. This is your world. Paint a happy little cloud.

Enjoy! I will post and discuss the results next week.


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6 Replies to “Poll: Which Decade of Silent Film Would You Like to Learn More About?”

  1. It’s tough to choose, Fritzi. There are fascinations about the teens involving those studios which came and went so fast (Thanhouser, Solax, Lubin, others in Fort Lee, NJ, etc) but the 20’s is an endless source of secrets to be uncovered and lost films to be found. Can I submit 1/2 a vote for each? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I voted for the teens, also. The nickelodeon era is fascinating to me (and the one reel films are perfect for my short attention span), as well as the transition to features.

  3. It’s the 1910s for me. The transition from shorts to features, and heroines at their feistiest.

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