Free, Legal and Silent: Your Movie Night is Set!

I know that movie collecting can be pricey and a barrier to new fans so I like to periodically share all the free goodies that kind archives and collectors share online.

The free screening room of the National Film Preservation Foundation is a real treasure trove of quality silent films with musical accompaniment. I just noticed some featured items that I have not covered on this site before. (Not sure when they were added but I hope you will be as delighted with them as I am.)

The Appetizer: Lost and Found Australia

Films recovered in Australia including a Mutt and Jeff cartoon, an Essanay dramatic short, some documentary footage and a trailer. Watch it all here.

The Feature: Soft Shoes (1925)

image via the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Restored by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival and Národní filmový archiv and supported by a NFPF grant, this movie tells the tale of a western sheriff and a lady cat burglar in the City.  Harry Carey and Lillian Rich star. Enjoy!

View it here.

As far as I know these films should play worldwide but if you have any issues, please let me know along with the country you are watching from. Thanks!


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5 Replies to “Free, Legal and Silent: Your Movie Night is Set!”

  1. Just viewed Soft Shoes…beautiful restoration, great piano score (Donald Sosin, so of course it was), lovely tinting. Altogether delightful- thanks for the appetizer link!

  2. The NFPF’s “The Lost and Found: New Zealand” section ( also has some interesting, albeit obscure features:
    “Defying Destiny” (1923, its backstory is even more interesting than the film),
    “The Big Show” (1926), “The Hidden Way” (1926), “Hold ‘Em Yale” (1928), “Midnight Madness” (1928), “Unseen Forces (1920, directed by Sydney Franklin), “Reckless Youth” (1922, 5 surviving reels), and “Maytime” (1923, 4 surviving reels). None of the films in this section have music, but all have program notes.

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