Silent Film Stars Ask: “One Lump or Two?”

Hot beverages keep the world running and that was just as true in the silent era.

Some of the best Chaplin humor isn’t the setpieces but these small throwaway gags. Look at this cute moment in The Gold Rush. Charlie is faking hypothermia but he breaks the ruse because tea without sugar? No way!

Read my review here. (I cover and compare both Chaplin’s silent original and narrated sound re-release.)

Available on DVD and Bluray.

House Peters commands– commands!– Patsy Ruth Miller to not put sugar in his coffee in Head Winds. He deserves what he gets.

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Available on DVD.

Mabel Normand gives her tea a nice stir in Mickey because she is a classy dame.

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Released on DVD.

Léonce Perret’s Mystery of the Rocks of Kador is a scrumptious melodrama with something more sinister than cream and sugar added to the coffee.

Read my review here.

Available on DVD.


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2 Replies to “Silent Film Stars Ask: “One Lump or Two?””

  1. Love all these great gifs! Mabel Normand looks like she has mastered an important truth every guest needs to know: the more biscuits you cram in, the more cups of delicious tea or coffee you get to ask for 😀

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