Create Your Own Silent Swashbuckler

I am in the mood to swash some buckles (or is it buckle some swash?) and so I thought I would have a bit of fun and make a handy-dandy Swashbuckler-o-Matic. Have fun!

This is easy: just choose one item for each blank space, find yourself a jaunty hat and get swashing!


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5 Replies to “Create Your Own Silent Swashbuckler”

  1. Ok then, I’ll take a crack at generating a bit of swash:

    I am an ex-privateer whose life changes when I am framed for treason. Determined to clear my name, I become a masked vigilante, but my plans are complicated by a betrayal, and the love of my life thinks I killed her [their] brother. In the end I triumph thanks to helpful peasants and the return of the King.

    FIN (whew!) 😀

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