Bloggers and Sick Days

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you know that I have been sick again and my writing schedule has been all over the place.

My immune system is pretty sad. If it were a person, it would be an action movie comedy sidekick who only takes out a baddie by accident. The fact is, I don’t often say when I’m sick unless it is really impacting my schedule because it would be a pretty boring blog. (I had a flu earlier in the month and now I have a cold going into bronchitis. Yay!)

Pictured: My immune system.

With the uncertainty I experienced with my job (now passed, thank goodness) and some freelance writing (I’ll tell you about it later when the embargo is lifted) I was thrown off my game even further. What’s funny is that while I do take sick days at work and will cancel social plans, I hesitate to completely take a day off from blogging even when I am under the weather.

Maintaining a daily writing schedule is something I did even before I began to write about silent films. I think I have been doing it since around age 12 or so and I think part of me is a little paranoid about possibly missing a day and losing two-plus decades of momentum. I’m not sure that it is entirely rational but that’s the closest I can come to explaining it.

Anyway, I am on antibiotics, on the mend and will hopefully be able to get myself better centered. I know you have very kindly told me you don’t mind if I take a day off but I mind, which I suppose is something I need to work out with myself. This may come as a total shock but I am a serious type A with a tendency to flog myself and demand utter perfection. Letting go or even taking a sick day with a personal project is not something that really comes naturally to me and I think getting sick as much as I do makes me a bit of an overachiever when I am well.

The good news is that Ronaldo is a very good nurse cat, though I think maybe I missed the boat in not naming him Arthur Brown. In my defense, I didn’t know he was a shock rocker when I adopted him.

That’s about it for me! I try not to let the underpinnings show too often but I felt I should probably explain why things have been so odd this month.

Oh, and get your flu shot!


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28 Replies to “Bloggers and Sick Days”

  1. We *seriously* don’t mind if you take time off. I’m in a similar situation with college and a new job. I loathe missing a day, but my immune system is pretty much running on fumes. Take a day to just sleep ☺

  2. The best advice I ever got about colds & flu: Take zinc supplements, because the Canadian hockey teams swear by them. What’s good enough for the Canadian hockey teams is good enough for me. I recommend two zinc tablets when you first start to feel sick, then two first thing the next morning, and try to do some aerobic exercise or at least yoga to clear your lungs. Vitamin C helps too, but not as much as zinc. If Vitamin C upsets your stomach, you can buy “nonacidic” Vitamin C (for a few dollars more). Writing with an upset stomach is 10x harder than writing with a stuffy nose. Did you know, there are more nerve cells in your stomach & intestinal lining than there are in your brain? Anyway, feel better!

  3. Tostadas with homemade refritos and hot sauce…mmmm! Nothing like a good hot sauce to clear the sinuses and brighten the spirit. It sounds like you are starting to see your way to better health- it always pays to have a cat nurse or two to snuggle with and warm your lap and feet. Hoping you’ll feel 100% very soon!

    Ronaldo’s toe beans…love that photo 🙂

  4. I get what you mean about two decades’ momentum. It’s like playing the same lottery number everyday, knowing the day you skip will be the day it wins. Get well!

  5. I’m lucky, Fritzi; as a retired person, I can doss about and be mean to wife, children and grandchildren, even when I’m not ill!
    Get well soon.

  6. Hi, hope you’re feeling better soon. I suggest a whole day of lying down on your sofa (with nice snacks and little friends) watching silent films, your favourites.
    A whole week would be ideal though! 🙂

  7. Sorry you’ve had a tough time.
    I look forward to your posts with their wonderfully informative and super-entertaining writing. As someone else commented here a few weeks ago, I don’t know how you write so well so often!
    Yet even if you wrote only half as often as you do, or even less, your fans still would be very lucky to have you.
    Please do take care of yourself !
    Most of us have known people who clearly had The Right Stuff and so were able to push themselves very hard for years, never burning out. But sometimes even they eventually burn out.
    Of course only you can make the call on what’s the right amount of output and pressure for you.
    Wishing you the best!

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