The Top Stars of 1918: VOTE in Round Three! (It’s the Semi-Finals!)

And then there were four. That’s right, out of a field of sixteen finalists, you have whittled down the selection to just four top stars of 1918.

If you’re just joining us, I took a fan poll from 1918 and invited my readers to choose their favorites from the top names. I wanted to see if the beloved stars of 1918 were as popular in 2018.

Here are the results of last week’s vote:

Douglas Fairbanks 74%
Norma Talmadge 26%

Mary Pickford 76%
Bessie Love 24%

William S. Hart 51%
Sessue Hayakawa 49%

Charlie Chaplin 66%
Theda Bara 34%

The closest vote, as you can see, was William S. Hart’s razor thin victory over Sessue Hayakawa.

And so we are left with… the original ownership lineup of United Artists? That’s right, Hart was originally going to join Pickford, Chaplin and Fairbanks but backed out. If nothing else, this poll is showing what a powerhouse that studio must have been when its formation was announced.

But now you must choose between the final four stars. As before, campaigning is encouraged and I know this is the cruelest decision yet but… let’s get this show on the road!

If the poll isn’t showing up for you, here is a direct link.

Thanks so much for voting and have fun! We’ll have the final vote to crown the champ next Wednesday.


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2 Replies to “The Top Stars of 1918: VOTE in Round Three! (It’s the Semi-Finals!)”

  1. That’s tough choosing between Fairbanks and Chaplin, but I’m going have to give the slight edge to Chaplin. It was an easy call for Mary Pickford. I almost don’t want to have to choose one in the final round.

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