The Top Stars of 1918: VOTE in Round Two! (Things are getting really tough now!)

Last week, we began voting on Round One of a tournament pitting the top movie stars of 1918 against one another. Well, now the field is halved and we have just eight stars to choose from. Who will win? Who will go home?

First, the results of last week’s round:

Douglas Fairbanks 80%
Geraldine Farrar 20%

Mary Pickford 88%
Olive Thomas 12%

William S. Hart 66%
Blanche Sweet 34%

Theda Bara 64%
Mae Murray 36%

Norma Talmadge 54%
Wallace Reid 46%

Bessie Love 73%
Francis X. Bushman 27%

Sessue Hayakawa 79%
Pearl White 21%

Charlie Chaplin 83%
Marguerite Clark 17%

For me, the biggest surprise was Norma Talmadge beating Wallace Reid because I thought Wally would have had it all sewn up. Ditto with Bessie Love knocking Francis X. Bushman out of the competition. Well done, ladies!

Just for fun, I am recommending one movie for each of the each candidates. Be sure to comment with your favorite films!

Mary Pickford: Stella Maris (1918)

Douglas Fairbanks: The Mark of Zorro (1920)

Norma Talmadge: The Devil’s Needle (1916)

Bessie Love: Young April (1926)

William S. Hart: Hell’s Hinges (1916)

Theda Bara: A Fool There Was (1915)

Sessue Hayakawa: The Dragon Painter (1919)

Charlie Chaplin: The Immigrant (1917)

Now it’s time for our eight remaining stars to face one another. Vote for your favorites and we’ll have the semi-finals with the winning four stars next Wednesday! Campaigning is encouraged, be sure to spread the word and drum up votes for your choices.

If you have trouble seeing the poll, here is a direct link.


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5 Replies to “The Top Stars of 1918: VOTE in Round Two! (Things are getting really tough now!)”

  1. I voted For Francis and Wallace..oh well. I am glad you posted your recommendations. It will be interesting to see who wins this next round

  2. “The Immigrant” is the perfect Chaplin combination platter: comedy, drama, pathos, symbolism, and yes, a smidgeon of social commentary — all delivered as smoothly and charmingly as you could hope for. My favorite of all of his short subjects.

  3. My own favorites:
    Pickford: My Best Girl
    Fairbanks: Mark of Z, but also Thief of Bagdad
    Love: Matinee Idol
    Hart: The Toll Gate
    Hayakawa: The Cheat
    Chaplin: City Lights

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