News from the Silent Movie Front: Turn of the Century Filmmaking, Women Filmmakers and Silent Sci-Fi

So much exciting news for silent movie fans right now with treasures both famous and obscure finally making it to home video. I’m pretty excited!

Crowdfunding Turn of the Century Magic in Cinema

Darren Nemeth, who previously released a lovely book on filmmaking in the 1910s, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign. This book will go further back in time and show us the techniques stage illusionists like Georges Melies used to make their wonderful films. This is a subject with relatively little available material and this 400-page book will surely be a welcome addition to the shelf of any film buff. You can back the project here.

Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers

The much-anticipated 1700-minute box set of early women directors, screenwriters and producers is being released November 20. The selections look absolutely scrumptious, especially The Song of Love, a movie I have been salivating to see for ages! (Read the complete list on Kino’s website.)

You can pre-order here.

P.S. It’s not silent but Kino is also releasing a set of early works by Henri-Georges Clouzot. Known for his suspense, he started directing in the early talkie era and worked with silent era veterans. I am looking forward to this one! (I’ll be doing an unboxing of this one for sure.) Pre-order this November 20 release here.

Soviet Science Fiction

The Munich Filmmuseum continues their nefarious scheme to get all my money (it’s succeeding) with this tantalizing release of the USSR’s last silent film, Cosmic Voyage (1934). The set also includes the 1924 film Interplanetary Revolution. Oh and they both have orchestral scores. Want!

You can order directly from Germany here (they’re very helpful and deliver quickly).


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  1. Wow, that Kino package of pioneering women filmmakers is quite a trove!
    By the way, I see that on November 1, TCM will show 11 silents back-to-back, all directed by women. (But no “Song of Love,” sorry)

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