Top Stars of 1918: Round One of the Tournament, VOTE NOW

Here’s where things get difficult! Last week, I asked readers to vote for up to five choices on two lists of popular 1918 silent film stars. Now we’re going to pit these stars against one another, may the most beloved star win!

First, here are the results from the initial poll:

The top choices are not really a surprise but I was very happy to see stars like Bessie Love and Norma Talmadge do so well for themselves on the second list. Good for them!

I did notice that with the first list, the popularity did indeed seem to be based on the availability of the films of home video. That makes perfect sense and shows why it is so important to continue to release as many silent films to the public as possible.

Well, now that the tryouts are over, it’s time for a proper tournament! A huge thanks to the sports fans who helped me with the whole seed thing. Basically, I took the top eight winners from each division and pitted them against one another, lowest against highest.

Vote and see what your stars are made of! Here’s a handy gallery of the sixteen stars in case you need your memory refreshed. And don’t hesitate to ask if you want some viewing suggestions as every single one of these stars has at least one movie on home video.

If the survey is not showing up for you, here is a direct link.

Round two is next Wednesday!


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