Out of the Office: The Future of Movies Silently

A few things have been churning in the real world that will affect the amount of time I have to dedicate to the website. I am going to be having a meeting today that should settle those matters.

I’m sorry to be so ambiguous and there is absolutely no danger of the site closing down or slowing down. However, my personal schedule and income will be very different one way or the other depending on the outcome.

The long story short of this is that I won’t be very available for the next day or two so don’t get nervous if your emails aren’t answered as promptly as I would like or the comments are a little slow in getting approved. I really, really want to answer but I need to concentrate on real life events for a little while.


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11 Replies to “Out of the Office: The Future of Movies Silently”

  1. Best of luck — I often wonder how you manage to write so well so often! We fans could spend weeks just reading the posts we missed before we found you! Take care of yourself.

  2. Is there any possibility that you have decided to “take the plunge” and have gone in for a screen test? Don’t be nervous… just have a recent head shot and your various moods ready… Meditation, Passion, Joy, Sorrow, Anger. And although slapstick may not be your thing, just remember that all the stars have had to take it on the chin, Daniels, Lloyd, Swanson, all of them…

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