Let Your Classic Movie Nerd Flag Fly!

More merch for you to enjoy! This one is a minimalist proclamation of our chosen area of geekery: classic movies.

This is a simple and direct message: nerd in the building! Both the light and dark text designs have appropriately silvery-grey backgrounds where applicable. (Disclaimer: I am not actually selling flags.)

Anyway, please enjoy! Remember, all of your purchases help support Movies Silently and help me continue to fuel the fires of silent film appreciation.

You can view the Dark Text on Light Background designs here.

And the Light Text on Dark Background designs here.

Here are some samples, click to enlarge:


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4 Replies to “Let Your Classic Movie Nerd Flag Fly!”

  1. I would adore to buy this tee shirt but I just gave another $400 to the vet for my cat’s ongoing allergy. (An allergy that makes his skin break down, not just sneezing, so it cannot be ignored.) I could have got the cat gold-plated instead, for the amount of money I have already spent in the past year. I would not like you to think, that I was not thinking of you, when I drape my body in rags, and sigh in front of an empty closet –

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