What is Your Age in Movie Years? Take the Quiz!

There’s a quiz going around social media that determines your age by the movies you watch. Of course, the age seems to top out at 59 (boo!) and there aren’t all that many classic films so… Let’s do this properly!

Here it is! Naturally, it takes into account movies made before 1939, as any good movie quiz should.

I just did five questions because, well, we all get a pretty good idea of how this thing is going after a few questions anyway. If you have trouble seeing the quiz above, here is a direct link.



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13 Replies to “What is Your Age in Movie Years? Take the Quiz!”

  1. I can say quite exactly that I love movies made in 1927-28.

    Sunrise, The Wind, Jeanne D’Arc, Napoleon, The Crowd…

  2. Another Proud Coot and proud of it. People have called me that, or something equivalent, already.

  3. I feel so young! It’s been a long time since I was 46. But many ‘none of these’ choices were involved. Far too USA-centric.

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