News from the Silent Movie Front: 1913 Talkies, New Blus, Hitler’s Hollywood and 1910s Filmmaking

Lots of new releases (and a few titles I just plain missed the first time) on the horizon, so let’s get down to business!

The Kinetophone: A Fact! A Reality!

Undercranked’s much-anticipated DVD containing the eight surviving Edison Kinetophone shorts was released today. The films were restored by the Library of Congress and promise to fascinate. Learn more and order here.

How To Film Moving Pictures in the 1910’s

Darren Nemeth has published a pre-release announcement for How To Film Moving Pictures in the 1910’s, a collection of reprints of rare camera gear manuals, pamphlets and assorted literature from the 1910s with additional commentary by the author. You can check out sample pages here and I will share purchase information once it becomes available.

Hitler’s Hollywood

While it covers the 1930s and 1940s, Hitler’s Hollywood should be of interest to silent film buffs as it shows how the German film industry was reshaped under Goebbels after Jewish artists and those who refused to bend (silent era veterans, many of them) were driven out. Learn more and order here.

Grapevine Blus

Grapevine has just released the Marion Davies film Enchantment, which was successfully crowdfunded a few years back, on DVD and Bluray. And, somehow I missed this but they also released a Bluray of The Canadian, one of my favorites. Yes!

Screening the Poor

In an ongoing campaign to bankrupt me, the Munich Filmmuseum has done it again! A two-disc set of films dealing with (checks notes):

  • Slumming
  • Children in Misery
  • Child Labour
  • Charity and Social Care
  • Drink and Temperance
  • Movement
  • Perils of Wage Labour
  • Escape

And in both lantern slide AND moving picture format? I surrender. Just take my money. This isn’t a new release but I figured I can’t be the only one fascinated by the way social issues were addressed in early film. Learn more and order here. (In Europe, order directly from the Filmmuseum here.)

And finally, here is Ronaldo the kitten and his epic purr. Awww!


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  1. Aw, Ronaldo is the best! I was playing the video, and his purring woke one of my cats up 😂

  2. Oh I would love to see how the times back then looked at the poor etc… especially since there was such a class distinction back in those days. That book about Hitler’s Hollywood would be interesting but how sad that I can see the typical look of the evil Jew…disgusting. As for Renaldo….his purr is so sweet and he still misses his mama since he is smurgeling and trying to suck.

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