This Swag Has “IT”

I’m at it again! More silent movie-related swag for your enjoyment and approval. This time, I tackle the important question of IT.

When the concept of IT was first presented, the country went wild deciding who and what had IT.

Now, anybody can have IT! Anything can have IT! A t-shirt can have IT and if you wear the t-shirt, you’ll have IT too! Yup, I have a designed a new line to sell in my RedBubble store!

In addition to the vintage-inspired IT, I created a background pattern featuring three of the most famous bobs in the business. Nobody said a bob is essential for IT but I always think it helps. Now we can all be IT boys and IT girls!

Here are just a few sample items in the line but I also have men’s shirts, tote bags, pillows and other goodies. Click on any image to learn more and order and click here to see the entire flapper line.


I’ve also designed two sets of silent comedy-related designs and the bestseller is…


The Harry and Charlie and Buster Scarf!

Anyway, please look and enjoy. Your purchases help support this site and allow me to keep obtaining weird silent films to review. I’m also on a bit of a money drive because (looks around) my much-hinted-at podcast is finally shaping up and I have equipment/content to purchase. My Patreon sponsors will get the first listen, of course, but I hope to have it launched before the earth cools.

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  1. Just ordered two spiral notebooks and a hardcover journal. Great for taking notes and recording thoughts when watching silent films. Such a cute design- it really has IT!

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