Silent Movie Stars in Caves

You can watch them in a cave…

Here are some stunning shots from silent films that feature caves of rock and ice.

This stunning shot was really taken in the Antarctic by Herbert Ponting, the cameraman who accompanied Captain Scott on his Terra Nova expedition and later cut his footage into the documentary The Great White Silence. Ponting is a master.

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Available on DVD and Bluray.

William S. Hart plays the leader of a gang of bandits who set up houskeeping in a cave in The Toll Gate. He is also the only one who votes not to rob a train but do they listen to him? They do not.

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Available on DVD.

Not quite in a cave but close enough. This stunning shot is from Yakov Protazanov’s version of The Forty-First. It’s a genuinely twisted love story and a very fine example of Soviet filmmaking.

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Not currently available on DVD.

A rather striking pose from For Ireland’s Sake, an American production shot on location in Ireland. It’s, um, kind of political if the title didn’t already give that away.

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Available on DVD and via streaming.


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2 Replies to “Silent Movie Stars in Caves”

  1. Thank you for including The Toll Gate! When we screen Hart films for company, Hell’s Hinges and/or The Toll Gate are always included.

    We’ll be going down the coast to L.A. at the very end of August and can’t pass up yet another tour of the Hart Mansion, Ranch House, and Grounds with friends. Amazing place- any Hart fans (or Western fans in general) visiting in the area, do make the trip to Newhall. It’s very much worth it:

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