Mid-Year Silent Film Survey Results

You gave me your answers and I have crunched the numbers. Welcome to the results of my Mid-Year Silent Film Survey!

How many silent movies have you seen so far in 2018?

More than 10: 59%

6-10: 16%

1-5: 24%

None: 0%

Everyone who responded has seen at least one silent film this year and a whopping 59% of you have seen more than 10. Well done, you!

How many silent movies have you seen IN A THEATER so far in 2018?

More than 10: 8%

6-10: 3%

1-5: 24%

None: 65%

This is an interesting one because a vast majority of you did not see a single silent film in a theater so home video and streaming must account for this. It is easier than ever to find quality silent film releases and home theaters rival the quality of any nickelodeon, I dare say, and with 99% less fire risk.

The fortunate 8% that was able to see more than 10 silents in the theater: we applaud you and seethe with jealousy.

Most of the silent films you have seen in 2018 so far have been from which decade?

1890s: 0%

1900s: 3%

1910s: 18%

1920s: 78%

Post-1930: 1%

No surprises here. Many of the biggest silent films were released in the 1920s and it is the decade most associated with the art.

What kind of silent movies have you been watching in 2018 so far?

Dramas: 43%

Comedies: 38%

Actualities/Documentaries/Newreels: 5%

Adventure/Serials: 3%

Horror/Suspense: 2%

Other: 8%

Well done, drama! Of course, this site is quite drama-centric so the responses show self-selection to a certain extent but I am pleased. (And if you answered “other” please be sure to share details! Would love to read them.)

Have you introduced anyone to silent films so far in 2018?

Yes: 22%

No: 43%

I am softening a target as we speak: 34%

It looks like over half of you have either introduced someone or are seriously planning to introduce someone to silent film. Huzzah!

I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of the viewing life of site readers. Thanks so much for participating!


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4 Replies to “Mid-Year Silent Film Survey Results”

  1. I struggle to find quality silent films to watch. Could you describe a list or some of the locations you find silent films to stream. Thank you.

  2. i live in NYC, lucky me. i’m a member of Anthology Film Archives, so i see silent films there, but where else could a person be expected to see silent films in a theater?

    1. I suspect that many were able to see a lot of silents at a clip at film festivals like the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. And fortunate readers in London have access to the wonderful Kennington Bioscope, which has theatrical screenings of silents on the regular.

      For myself, this spring I trekked down to San Diego to catch Metropolis as their symphony hall has a real silent era pipe organ. So worth it.

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