Whew! We now resume our regularly scheduled program already in progress

As some of you already know, I have been hard at work with my Kickstarter project, the release of the 1917 version of Kidnapped and all four short films that originally accompanied it on DVD.

The DVDs arrived from the manufacturer last Friday and I just shipped off the last batch to backers this morning. Packing and shipping 300 DVDs around the world is no joke and has been eating up a fair amount of my research and writing time but with it out of the way, I can take on a more normal posting schedule again.

For those of you who missed the Kickstarter, never fear, I am working on making the DVD available through Amazon and will be announcing when it is available so watch this space.

Just wanted to post a little update so you know that I am back in the saddle! Yeehaw and other cowboy-like talk.

P.S. The Lloyd Hamilton DVD that was crowdfunded by Dave Glass and David Wyatt last year is now available for general sale on Amazon, if you missed that Kickstarter and wanted to grab a copy. Also, if you were a backer, I am sure they would appreciate a review because the more reviews a product has, the more likely Amazon is to recommend it.


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16 Replies to “Whew! We now resume our regularly scheduled program already in progress”

  1. I’d missed that Kickstarter…phooey! Have made up for the miss by purchasing a Lloyd Hamilton DVD just now. And, in honor of your completing the Kidnapped mailing marathon, Gene Autry salutes you with a hearty Whoopee Ti Yi Yo:

  2. I received my copy of Kidnapped last Friday and watched it the same night with my family. Great movie, we really enjoyed it! The short subjects were fun, too. Thank you very much for producing such a professional release; a lot of thought and effort clearly went into it. I hope you’ll be able to take on more projects like this.

  3. Woo-Hoo! Just got my copy of “Kidnapped” today. Loved the personal touches you added to make this special like the pretty mailer, the thank you sticker and the souvenir theater ticket. You put a lot of thought and effort into this and we thank you.

  4. I don’t know who decided to duplicate frames on your transfers but I think it was a mistake, it ruined the films for me. I love all the care you put into this, right down to the choice of mailing envelopes, but a direct frame for frame transfer with no duplications would have been better, and to my mind is the only way to go.

    1. It all comes down to the fact that files for DVD are rendered at about 24 or 30 fps and the proper speed for this picture is 21 fps per ads for George Kleine releases.

      1. Running speeds for silent film was dictated in terms of minute per reel, not frames per second. I’d be curious to know if you have cue sheets or indications of what the requested minutes per reel was on these films.

      2. We worked out the fps based on period material on George Kleine releases (which gave the minutes). It was either duplicate frames or interlace (which is hideous) as the transfer was at 24fps.

      3. I think 3 frames is negligible – The Captive was mastered frame for frame, no duplicated frames, and it looks fine to my eyes. I honestly believe most silent film is perfectly compatible with 24fps; it was after all an era without a standardized projection speed and a 24fps rate was possible and plausible in a neighborhood theater. I’m clearly in the minority on this issue but I’m tempted to just stop buying silent film DVD’s/Blu-rays unless I know for sure no frames were duplicated.

      4. The films looked terrible at 24fps and the 3 frame difference was the difference between a drama and an unintentional comedy. And since it was the speed that was intended by the filmmakers, I felt quite comfortable using it.

        P.S. I slowed down The Captive by 85% to render it watchable.

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