Silent Movie Stars Are in Charge

Royals and their doings were common subjects for silent films but sometimes being king or queen wasn’t quite what you might expect.

There’s miscasting and then there’s William S. Hart in The Captive God. Hart would periodically hang up his ten-gallon hat and try something else but this is surely the oddest something else of his career.

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You can watch an abbreviated version of this film on YouTube courtesy of collector Christopher Bird.

Viola Dana is just as cute as can be in That Certain Thing, a Frank Capra film about a young pair of entrepreneurs in the box lunch business. Queen indeed.

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Available on DVD.

John Barrymore receives a rather odd honor at the start of The Beloved Rogue, a delicious slice of hamminess that also features Conrad Veidt in his American debut.

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Available on DVD.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think people called Fluff and Bud are exactly cut out for the whole ruling thing. This is from the bonkers production The Magic Cloak of Oz.

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Available on DVD and Bluray.


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2 Replies to “Silent Movie Stars Are in Charge”

  1. Please do another silents vs. talkies … and have the 1925 version of “The Wizard of Oz” against the 1939 version.

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