Mid-Year Survey: How Has 2018 Been for Silent Movie Fans?

We are almost halfway through 2018 so I thought it would be fun to share some experiences from the year to date.

Just for kicks, here’s a little survey to see how much silent movie watching is going on.

My favorite new discovery so far this year has been the French Nick Winter comedy detective series (pictured above) and I am just mad to find more. Please be sure to share any great titles you have discovered, famous films you finally got to see or other new-for-2018 silent movie goodness.


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10 Replies to “Mid-Year Survey: How Has 2018 Been for Silent Movie Fans?”

  1. The Other Woman’s Story, Rosita, and The Ancient Law- all wonderful films I saw for the first time on the Castro big screen during SFSFF 2018. But whether viewed on theatre screen or home dvd player, all are highly recommended!

  2. Hi Fritzi!
    I’m curious to see the Nick Winter series now!

    This year’s highlight to date was a screening of a few silent Felix the Cat cartoons, one from Disney’s “Alice” series, and a Terrytoon cartoon—with new scores performed by the Riverside Philharmonic orchestra! It really enhanced the experience and made it more magical!

    While I have watched silent documentaries and some dramas, I feel I have watched more comedies since January (Our Gang & Mack Sennetts).

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Some with my adored Clara Bow: ‘My Lady of Whims,’ ‘Black Oxen’ (starring Corinne Griffith), ‘Hula,’ ‘Get Your Man,’ and ‘Helen’s Babies’ (with Baby Peggy.)
    Also enjoyed another favorite of mine, Richard Barthelmess, in ‘Soul Fire,’ ‘The Idol Dancer,’ ‘Shore Leave,’ ‘The Love Flower,’ and ‘The Enchanted Cottage.’

  4. Happy Mid-2018!

    I finally was able to see, “The Bells” from 1926 and must say, there’s a scene where Boris Karloff breaks out a smile to DIE for ~ he’s just adorable (heart pitter-patters)

    There have been some struggles for me. Currently, I’m slogging through, “His Majesty, the American”, with Doug Fairbanks. Just can’t get into it.

    As with Brussels sprouts, which I revisit yearly in case I’ve become a grown-up and suddenly LIKE them, there are the Harold Lloyd films, which I just can’t come to enjoy. I trotted out a few of those earlier this month, and again gave up and deleted them from the dvr. No worries, he and I have a date for 2019!

    I have enjoyed “The Eagle” with Valentino, “The Iron Mask” & “The Three Musketeers” with Doug Fairbanks and “Robin Hood” also with Fairbanks but with fascinating plot differences to the bulk of the later films.

    Can’t wait for the rest of 2018! I have some bucket list films on tap! I hope you do, too !

  5. I finally got to see The Lost World. I also just “discovered” Charley Chase, and I’m still in that rabbit hole. A trip that has been fun, and enlightening. Saw both of the Die Nibelungen films, which were awesome.

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