Silent Movie People Have Ruined Everything

Sometimes things have just gone to heck in a handbasket. It happens to all of us, even silent movie stars.

(Speaking of ruining, I accidentally pressed “publish” instead of “save draft” earlier because I was working on coding a new layout feature. Whoopsy-doodle!)

We’ll start with an obscure one, the 1916 Russian comedy Antosha Ruined by a Corset. After a wild party, Antosha discovers that a guest has left behind her corset but he can’t get rid of the infernal thing and his wife is returning from out of town. The horror!

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Available on DVD.

Emil Jannings gets crazy with his greasepaint in Variety. Janings is rather believable as a violent, jealous husband. I’m just not sure I buy him as a trapeze artist.

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Available on DVD and Bluray.

The Chess Player features a memorable finale in which one of the baddies invades the home of an inventor and finds that those mannequins, the ones with swords… they move. Brrr!

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Released on DVD.

In His People, Rudolph Schildkraut is horrified to discover that his Americanized son has picked up the local vernacular. The horror! (This is an absolutely beautiful film about the immigrant experience, by the way.)

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