Those Magnificent Silent Film Stars in Their Flying Machines

The film industry was around in time to capture some interesting early flight milestones for posterity so let’s get excited about those wacky airplanes and airships!

First International Competition for Airplanes in Brescia (1909) is a fascinating actuality for the early airplane technology and the chance to see aviation superstars like Henri Rougier. And somewhere in the cheap seats is a young Franz Kafka.

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Released on DVD.

The Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship is truly one of the finest titles ever. The inventor dances with his brilliant design behind him.

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Released on DVD.

There are no actual flight scenes in The Flying Ace but there is the adorable flight suit worn by Kathryn Boyd and that’s good enough for me!

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Released on DVD and Bluray.

More leather flying togs in Himmelskibet, generally reckoned to be the first space opera feature.

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Available on DVD.


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4 Replies to “Those Magnificent Silent Film Stars in Their Flying Machines”

  1. Great as always. I do love that flying suit too.
    I was surprised to see the first clip. Brescia is not far from where I live and I’m always surprised when people mention places near where I live (second time today, too) 😉

  2. If only someone somewhere would find more films with Kathryn Boyd in them. What a gorgeous, vivacious, gal!

    On a completely different note, am currently reading Locklear: The Man Who Walked on Wings by Art Ronnie. Found it at local library book sale last weekend. To say it’s a fascinating read is an understatement, also loaded with amazing photos of Locklear stunting, and some really touching ones with Viola Dana.

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