How Are You Doing with the Springtime Silent Movie Challenge?

This spring, I challenged myself and my readers to watch more silent films from the pre-feature era. We’re coming to the finish line, summer is on the horizon and I want to know how you are doing with the challenge.

(You can read all about the challenge here.)

I hope you’ve been having as much fun as I have! I have been indulging myself completely with films from France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain. I only have a few more films to watch and plan to enjoy more French and British productions because they are my particular favorites for the era.

To France for “Nick Winter and the Theft of the Mona Lisa”

If you’ve already completed the challenge, I would love to hear about the films you selected and your thoughts on them. If you wrote a post about them, please be sure to include a link so everyone can enjoy reading it.

Erin at Cinematic Scribblings published her list of viewed films with commentary, if you would like some inspiration.

If you haven’t started yet but would like to give it a shot, all the guidelines are in the original post along with links to free streamable silent films. (Be sure to read the comments as well since readers suggested even more valuable resources.) I’ll be sharing my viewings on June 20, the last day of spring.

My goal was to spark something fun and educational and I have loved the feedback so far. Hurrah for silent movies and hurrah for their fans!


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6 Replies to “How Are You Doing with the Springtime Silent Movie Challenge?”

  1. I’ve been busy with school, so I’ve really only managed one-A Trip Down Market Street. Not only is it interesting because it’s pretty much the world’s final glimpse of old San Francisco, it’s also interesting because of the complete lack of traffic control. To go down Market Street was to take your life into your own hands.

  2. I missed the original post. There’s some great links there. Thanks!
    I’m up for this challenge.

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