More Movies Silently Swag: Join the Bangville Police Department!

A little while ago, I launched a line of silent movie-themed goodies like T-shirts, mugs, scarves, dresses, etc. I mentioned that if these items sold well, I would try a second design.

Well, here we are!

You can see all the new merch here and check out my first silent comedy-themed line as well.

This time, we’re celebrating the Keystone Cops and what better way to do it than to join the force!

I based the badge on real police badges and the 1913 and reference to Bangville are a tribute to the iconic comedy short The Bangville Police.

I also used vintage Keystone ads to add variety to the design.

As before, this design is available on all sorts of wearables and accessories, plus journals, mugs and other fun stuff.

I hope you enjoy! (I am working on a non-comedy design for next time so stay tuned!)

6 Replies to “More Movies Silently Swag: Join the Bangville Police Department!”

  1. I love the shirt, but among my circle, the term “Bangville Police” is likely to be misinterpreted in a very unfortunate way.

  2. Marvelous! I need to order the dress representing the three geniuses of comedy first! Maybe it’ll arrive in time for the Buster Keaton weekend in L.A. Or before the Buster screening for Last Remaining Seats!
    I used to work at the L.A. Police Museum where the Bangville Police Department would have been appreciated! I’ll have to order something from the Keystone merch, too! Great job, Fritzi!๐Ÿ˜€

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