Bonus Post: Dog Update (He’s Doing Fine)

Several readers have inquired about Carlo. Sorry for not posting an update sooner! He’s doing much better.

I put him on a chicken and rice diet and have been slowly adding back in his normal foods and treats. So far so good!

Here’s a video of the boys playing outside. A certain little Bolshevik tries to steal the show but as you can see, Carlo is back to his very important task of digging a new Maginot Line. (He actually wants to catch gophers but the Maginot Line sounds better.)

Excuse the untidiness, the boys are very cluttery with their dishes and Douglas likes to tear up paper plates. After the video was over, I let them inside for treats and foxtail inspection. (For non-Californians, the white things clinging to their fur are these awful grass spikes, they need to be quickly removed or they can embed in their skin and even cause infection.)

18 Replies to “Bonus Post: Dog Update (He’s Doing Fine)”

  1. Thanks for the update! Glad to see Carlo looking so well. And Douglas appears to have the same energy as his namesake.

  2. Hugs to the feline/canine contingent, and I hope they don’t realize that they outnumber you!!

  3. Glad to see that the pups are romping about and doing well! Keep us posted! It’s nice to see your pets so we can get to know you even better!πŸ˜€

  4. I am so glad he is better and that little tyke follows his buddy everywhere and mimics him…so cute! I never heard of foxtail but glad we don’t have it here but we have those ticks which are nasty. Is this your property? It is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I nearly died when Douglas, who has zero hunting dog in his background, copied Carlo and set a point! Yes, it’s my yard, green for now but soon to turn a summery brown. πŸ˜‰

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