“Sick as a dog? Wait a minute, you are a dog!” (Ill pets)

Many apologies for the lateness of posts this week. My older dog has been sick for the past couple of days. We thought he was over it yesterday but he relapsed today.

Carlo had an upset stomach, was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and went back to having an upset stomach. (His little brother Douglas is fine.) We have the vet on standby in case he gets worse.

Anyway, pet duty calls but I will try to get back on track tomorrow. My schedule is less of a calendar and more of a game of Jenga, so emergencies like this do tend to throw me off.


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14 Replies to ““Sick as a dog? Wait a minute, you are a dog!” (Ill pets)”

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry! I know exactly how you feel-I’d be worried to death if one of my cats was sick.

  2. ‘Get well’ wishes to Carlo!
    Does his name have a silent film connection? Or for the opera ‘Don Carlo’?

  3. Einstein (who was “sick as a dog” last weekend) hopes Carlo feels better. Carlo, rest and sleep are your friends.

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