Silent Movie Stars Are Punch Drunk

Sometimes, things just don’t go well for silent movie stars. Maybe they were bonked on the bean, maybe their horse fails to cooperate. Whatever the reason, they’re just a little woozy.

Felix the Cat Trifles with Time features the beloved feline asking to be sent back in time. Father Time’s method is… direct.

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Available on DVD.

In Sold at Auction, Snub Pollard has a job demoing big lot deals. That’s great but the problem is that his boss is trying to move a gross of blackjacks.

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Available on DVD.

Marie Prevost has quite a hard time of it in Getting Gertie’s Garter and even this slapstick veteran is susceptible to being kicked around.

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Released on DVD.

Sheriff Mary Pickford finds that the job is a little harder than anticipated in Little Annie Rooney.

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Available on DVD but a new restored edition is coming soon!


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2 Replies to “Silent Movie Stars Are Punch Drunk”

  1. What fun GIFS- love them all! Pickford missing the horse’s rump and crashing onto the barn floor was particularly painful to watch for this rider. Can feel that landing in my back jeans pocket- ow, ow, ow!! I’m sure some padding and a careful feet-first landing was used by the stunt double. Big lasting ouchie complete with rainbow bruising if that gag’s not set up right!

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