The Winners of the Douglas Fairbanks Bluray Giveaway!

It’s time to announce the winners of my Douglas Fairbanks Bluray Giveaway sponsored by Kino Lorber!

Kino has even been generous enough to throw in one extra copy of their double feature release of The Half-Breed and The Good Bad Man! So I’ll be drawing four winners instead of just three as previously announced.

My selection process was pretty low tech. I printed out all the names of the entrants, folded them in half and then divided them randomly into groups. Sweet William and Fantômas chose the first two groups and Douglas Fairbanks (dog) chose the final winners from the remaining names.

I used kitty treats to lure Sweet William and Fantômas and strawberries for Douglas. (He loves strawberries, he’ll do just about anything to get them. I can relate.)

And the winning names are:

Joyce, Tim, Caren and Letitia, congratulations! I know you will enjoy this wonderful new release!

My Douglas is simply exhausted from his hard work, the poor lamb:

The Bluray was released today (DVD format is also available) so if you didn’t win the giveaway, you can still order a copy to enjoy.


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6 Replies to “The Winners of the Douglas Fairbanks Bluray Giveaway!”

  1. Ooooo! This is so exciting!! I have wanted to see these two movies in unedited, original versions – “The Half-Breed” and “The Good Bad Man” — for years, and now, thanks to Fritzi, as well as Kino-Lorber and the Film Preservation Society for making these films available to the public. I can’t wait to watch them!

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