Douglas Fairbanks Double Feature Giveaway! Win a Kino Lorber DVD or Bluray!

Douglas Fairbanks is one of the most beloved stars of the silent screen and he’s getting a brand new double feature release in HD. Even better, you can win a copy!

A pair of 1910s Fairbanks features, The Half-Breed and The Good Bad Man, will be released on a single disc with scores by Donald Sosin. Doug’s pre-swashbuckler films are delightful showcases for his acrobatic skills and comedy chops. Here’s a preview clip from The Good Bad Man, which also features Bessie Love and Sam De Grasse:

Kino Lorber has generously offered three copies of this exciting release for me to give away. As I always say, the only thing better than silent movies are free silent movies.

Three readers are going to walk away with a copy of this fantastic release. To be eligible, you need:

  1. A mailing address in the United States

  2. To not have won anything from this site in the last three months

How to enter:

Leave a comment telling everyone what you love about Douglas Fairbanks and you’re entered. If you have never seen one of his films before, just tell us that you are looking forward to getting to know his work. Easy! The comment doesn’t have to be elaborate, we’re just looking for some Fairbanks love.

The contest will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on April 30, 2018. I will randomly draw three winners on May 1, 2018 and they will have seven days to respond. (If no response is received, I’ll go to the next runner-up.) The DVD has a retail value of $19.95 and the Bluray has a retail value of $29.95. Winners will be allowed to select which format they prefer.

My own little Douglas Fairbanks moppet will help draw the three winners. He’s getting a bath for the occasion and everything. (Shhh! Don’t tell him!)

Dirty Douglas
Clean Douglas

Best of success to everyone!


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52 Replies to “Douglas Fairbanks Double Feature Giveaway! Win a Kino Lorber DVD or Bluray!”

  1. Fairbanks was the person who established that (a) action-adventure film should be built around the star — he even had his hand- and foot-holds adjusted so he would look graceful, and the actions were always things that he looked good doing; and (b) that action-adventure must have humor, including a bit of self-mockery by the lead. He made melodrama permanently passe and led the way for entertainment films to demonstrate a high level of artistry and skill, though their aims be modest.

  2. Screen charisma from the get-go. Not to mention how keen he went on to be on the business side of the industry. I can’t wait to see these films!

  3. I became a fan of Douglas Fairbanks Sr. after seeing the Mark of Zorro chase scene in The Days of Thrills and Laughter. My father had seen Fairbanks’ swashbucklers in the theater in the 20s and told me about him, too. At age 16 (1974) I wrote a book entitled “The Films of the Fairbankses” which gave information on both Sr. and Jr.’s films. During the course of that writing Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. very kindly offered his time and assistance and we became friends — at least as much as a star-struck kid could be. Mr. Fairbanks asked me to proof read his own filmography and I was happy to assist. And years later he gave me a very positive reference when I applied to law school. When I was writing my book, there was little interest in Fairbanks or indeed in silent movies in general but that has changed.

    I am glad to see that Doug Fairbanks is finally getting some long-overdue attention as he was a very important figure in cinema history.

  4. Looking forward to seeing some early films from the great Fairbanks! Will they be as good as The Thief of Bagdad??

  5. I literally JUST finished “The Iron Mask”. I love Mr. Fairbanks’ smile and enthusiasm in the several films of his I’ve seen. He’s a joy to watch and each film leaves me chomping at the bit for the next one. The energy level and zip in his films is contagious! He’s an effervescent joy to watch! As in “The Iron Mask”, my journey through his films is just “The Beginning” ! Next up for me, “The Three Must-Get Theres” :o)

  6. I’m a history buff and fan of pop culture who has been trying to learn more about silent films. I’ve only watched a few but every once in a while TCM runs one and I find them quite fascinating. I’d love to receive a Fairbanks film because I realize he was one of the biggies!

  7. I’ve seen very few films from Fairbanks but his roguish charm in the few adventure films I am a little familiar with really makes me want to explore more. Silent swashbucklers in general really should get more attention than they do. They should be as easy an entry point into silent film as the silent comedians so many people cut their teeth on for their first steps into classic silent cinema.

  8. Oh, what’s not to love about Doug? His bonhomie and winning smile. I love all his films, very fond of the wacky The Nut and my favorite Thief of Bagdad. His pre-swashbuckler films really need to be reexamined, they’re such fun. It always amazes me, Doug seems to be hardly containable by the screen. He fairly leaps out in every film.

  9. Douglas Fairbanks was one of several actors that served as my introduction to silent cinema. As a young’un {{{{wavy flashback lines}}}} I saw THE MARK OF ZORRO (1920) on our local public TV station and was agog (agog, I tells ya!) at the amazing athleticism on display. I’d still rather sit down with ZORRO than some noisy CGI-laden flick.

  10. I was about seven when I first saw “The Mark of Zorro.” I even showed it to my friends, and soon we were staging acrobatic sword-fights (though I was always the villainous henchmen).

  11. My two favorite Douglas Fairbanks movies – The Thief of Baghdad and The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (!) Doug is bigger than life; I love watching him! Looking forward to seeing both of these films.

  12. I would love to see these films! My Dad was a film buff and a Fairbanks fan, so he introduced me to the swashbuckling Fairbanks movies when I was a little gal. I admire most DF’s sense of humor and the obvious delight he takes in performing – he’s a joy to behold.

  13. Douglas Fairbanks was a real trail blazer. He was very handsome and athletic and did his own stunts that were the type that no one else was attempting. He
    was a very good actor that was married to Mary Pickford and started a movie studio.

  14. Doug was the first movie action hero, the first swashbuckler, and the first superhero–predating, and maybe even inspiring, Batman. He performed amazing stunts with grace and style, not aided by CGI but only with custom built props so he wouldn’t break his neck. His movies are fun and you can see he’s having fun in them. There never has been anyone like him, and never will be.

  15. I DO love Douglas Fairbanks! It’s astonishing how many genre markers he single-handedly invented in several of his films.

    Bonus for me: one of the giveaway films is directed by (the underrated) Allan Dwan!

  16. I am also new to Douglas Fairbanks movies only having seen “Thief of Bagdad”. I would love to get more familiar with his work. Thanks for having this opportunity!

  17. What I love about Douglas was his athleticism and fearlessness. He made leaps and swashbuckling look easy.

  18. Ooooooo!! I can barely wait until these BluRay restorations come out of two of my Uncle Doug’s best films, especially the unusual and somewhat against-type casting in The Half Breed. These are two movies that I have so wanted to see, restored, in un-edited form, and I will finally have that chance once these DVDs are publicly released – this is simply great news for all Fairbanks fans.

    As to what I love about Doug Fairbanks: He single-handedly taught the world to Laugh & Live. He taught the world thru his actions and deeds, on and off the screen. He imbued America with a positive, can-do attitude about anything that a person wanted to accomplish, they could, so long as they applied themselves honestly and consistently. Doug’s lessons in civil duty and responsible and rewarding living lasted generations. In the process, Fairbanks made incredible films that stand the test of time, and are still popular today, having spawned the first ‘super-hero’ who inspired all the rest, Zorro.

    Thank you so much Fritzi for creating another fun give-away, because you are so right: Silent movies are the bees’ knees and FREE silent movies are TERRIFIC!

  19. Douglas Fairbanks brought a carefree adventurist spirit to the screen and we all forgot our troubles for a short time watching.

  20. I adore his pre-swashbuckler films – so funny ! That’s not to say I don’t enjoy his 1920s work because I get such a kick out of his practically inventing the swashbuckling genre single handedly. No one else every matched him in sheer derring-do and the pure enjoyment of adventure !

  21. The original swashbuckler long before Errol Flynn. Now nothing against Flynn who is great but he is no Douglas Fairbanks.

  22. I love Douglas Fairbanks because he was the first and greatest swashbuckler of all time! (Sorry, Errol.) And The Mark of Zorro was the first full-length silent film I ever saw, when I was about 7 or 8. They showed it on our local public television station (I think it was still called “Educational Television” back then) in the 1960s and my dad made us all watch. I thought it was fantastic then and think it is fantastic now. I own all this swashbucklers on DVD, and am excited to find out that these earlier films are being released.

  23. I must have seen every Douglas Fairbanks flick there is except these two, apparently. I will just add to above comments- Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Is the best thing Sr. ever made 🙂

  24. I love and am always amazed by Fairbanks’ stunts and charismatic performances in The Mark of Zorro and The Black Pirate.

  25. I love Fairbanks in The Mark of Zorro and The Thief of Bagdad! He has so much energy! Watching the Thief of Bagdad almost feels like watching a cartoon its so much fun!

  26. When I first became interested in film, especially classic film, I never thought much of Fairbanks. I always clamored on about how the only good silent stars were comedians. And then I finally saw ‘His Majesty The American’ and felt like such a fool. You can tell from the moment he steps on screen that he was a natural born star. I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into his filmography and rediscover my love of silent cinema.

  27. While writing my Masters dissertation I studied Fairbanks and found even though his popularity was astronomical in the 1920’s, very little in terms of academia was available about the great man. I have always had a fondness for his childlike enthusiasm on screen, and think he deserves to be talked about so much more!!!

  28. I love how he makes difficult physical maneuvers look completely effortless. The chase scene towards the end of The Mark of Zorro is an absolute clinic in this. I have to pay attention just to walk without tripping over my own feet and here he is, jumping from ledges without a second thought. His movements are so smooth.

  29. Haven’t seen many of his early comedies, but this looks like a good take-off of Hart. And Bessie Love too!!

  30. All that amazing, focused energy on screen. And a big plus: Doug made Mary feel happy and safe enough to risk trying marriage again (no small feat after Owen Moore).

    Clean or not-so, your Douglas is one mighty handsome pup!

  31. Fairbanks’ performances in ROBIN HOOD and MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH are two of my favorite roles.

  32. I love the 1920s Swashbuckling Fairbanks – everything was so easy and he did it all with a confident smile on his face – so I’m looking forward to exploring the earlier Fairbanks.

  33. Douglas fairbanks made the audience feel like they were active participants in seeing his stories unfold. When his eyes lit up it was a simultaneous flash in our eyes!

  34. Hokey smokes! I own only a handful of Fairbanks’s swashbucklers, but what a handful: both Zorros, Thief of Bagdad, Black Pirate, Robin Hood. I’d love to see something pre-Zorro. Pick me! Pick me!

  35. Douglas Fairbanks; comedian, consummate actor and producer, with more energy than a steam engine; was the hero to boys of all ages during his reign as movie king. He still is to me. Not Errol Flynn, nor Tyrone Power nor his own son, Doug, Jr. had the panache, the true skill, the sheer joy of performing, that the senior Fairbanks possessed. And that joy spread to his loyal audience across many generations including ours. Long live King Doug!

  36. While I’ve only seen him in the 1920 version of Mark of Zorro, what I love about Fairbanks is his energy, charisma, athleticism, and sheer love for what he did. He explified the optimistic American can do attitude of the 1920s, and in dark, often cynical times like this, I could use a bit more of that optimisim, which is why I would love to see more of his work.

  37. My first Fairbanks film was Thief of Baghdad, seen when I was a young teen. I loved the grace he brought to the action. Only later when I discovered how he wanted to bring an element of dance into the movie did I fully appreciate the work he did in that feature.

  38. I don’t normally like action or adventure movies, but he was so charming and fun that I make an exception. Just a joy to watch.

  39. He approached action with the gusto and grace of a dancer. Through that mad alchemy known as cinema, his life force was preserved for the ages.

  40. Love Douglas Fairbanks because he made some movies in Fort Lee, NJ very early in his career!

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