News from the Silent Movie Front: Crowdfunding Galore and Blurays

I haven’t posted any news in quite some time and exciting things are happening in the world of silent films!

Alice Howell DVD

Ben Model is at it again! This time, he’s trying to release comedian Alice Howell’s comedy shorts on DVD. They’ve been hard to find over the years (the shortage of availability of women comics in general has fueled the rumor that silent comedy was a man’s world) and so this collection will be most welcome.

The project has already met its funding goal but a stretch goal to make the collection a 2-disc set has been announced. Donate and read more here.

Grapevine’s Monty Banks Kickstarter

Grapevine also has a Kickstarter going to release A Perfect Gentleman on DVD and Bluray plus two shorts. All the films star Monty Banks, so fans will definitely want to jump on this!

Donate and read more here.

The Memoirs of Melies

This campaign only has a few days left but its goal is to release film pioneer Georges Melies’s memoirs in English for the first time and that’s pretty amazing. Read more and donate here.

E.A. Dupont’s “The Ancient Law” on DVD and Bluray

Flicker Alley will be releasing E.A. Dupont’s film about a young Jewish man’s struggles between tradition and modernity. The dual edition set will be available on June 5, 2018. Learn more and pre-order here.

A Douglas Fairbanks Double Feature

Kino is releasing a Douglas Fairbanks double feature on DVD and Bluray. The headliner is The Half-Breed but we also get The Good Bad Man, the title of which is a spoof of William S. Hart’s signature character. Early Fairbanks is always welcome and you can pre-order and learn more here. The disc will be released May 1, 2018.

“The City Without Jews” Update

This 1924 Austrian film was rediscovered in 2015 and is noted for its unflinching portrayal of anti-Semitism. The crowdfunded restoration is now complete and the film is being screened by the Austrian Film Archive. Here’s hoping that home video release is a future goal! If you catch a screening, please be sure to share the details.


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  1. Alice is quite funny and perfect timing with the picture but wowzers!! The hair! I am a lover of Melies so anything that can be done just makes me very, very happy. I never heard about that film depicting anti-semitism and read a bit more about it. This Jewish man could see the future and how depressing that he was killed so soon after. Here is a film that should be shown in classes everywhere.

  2. Of course I have to contribute to the stretch goal for Ben Model’s Alice Howell project! Massa’s Slapstick Divas has been a constant reading/reference companion since it was published, and a happy addition to our film library ๐Ÿ˜€

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