Learn How to Flirt Like a Silent Movie Star

Silent films are famous for their red hot romances and so what better place to learn how to flirt? Silent movie stars, show your stuff!

First, you’ll need a killer pickup line.

Agriculture + romantic intentions = sweet cabbage love! (Get it? Get it? I used to work in a bookstore and there was a book called Sweet Savage Love and… where are you going?) This is from The Captive.

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Available on DVD and Bluray.

Next, you need some body language!

Yep, Mary Pickford has it! Work those shoulders, Mary! (Pickford is an underrated comedian. Just thought I would mention that.) This is from The Love Light.

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Available on DVD.

You also need romantic eyes.

Colleen Moore gives it a shot in Ella Cinders. What do you think?

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Available on DVD.

Finally, you need a target. What about that strapping Russian fellow over there?

Okay, so maybe he’s busy spying on a double agent but you can still get his attention. This is from Michael Strogoff.

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Not yet available on home video. (Boo!)


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6 Replies to “Learn How to Flirt Like a Silent Movie Star”

  1. Wonderful . If that were a film course I’d sign up right away . Colleen can roll her eyes at me any time.

  2. Great GIFS all! I particularly love Mary Pickford’s “come hither” 🙂

    Flirting combined with a little clowning and kidding is such a winning silent film combo. Mabel Normand and Viola Dana, along with Pickford and Colleen Moore, were such masters at it!

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