Flu Woes

Hi, everyone. Sorry to be a party pooper but I have been struck down with a flu bug. I’m actually on the mend but I think I was a little ambitious today, so I’m taking it easy until tomorrow.

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I’ve been down with this thing since Sunday but I hope to be back to my old hyper self soon. In the meantime, here is a GIF of Ivan Mosjoukine looking deadly in Michael Strogoff.

I made a new silent era celebrity recipe today and will be posting it tomorrow, lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Edited to Add:

Source: We All Draw


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28 Replies to “Flu Woes”

  1. Hoping you get back to normal real soon (but you’re not going to pull a Mimi on us, in any case!)
    With all due respect, Ivan Mosjoukine’s face and acting leave me cold. I much preferred Anton Walbrook in the sound version of ‘Michael Strogoff.’

  2. Hi hope you are feeling much better soon. The photo of Harry Langdon in The Strong Man is a good choice! Best wishes to you.

  3. NO WORRIES! Feel better, Sweets! We had it for weeks…. don’t overdo it too soon, again, and take good care ((hugs))

  4. Beware the hated flu-bug – it can turn really nasty.
    Where can I get Mosjoukine movies? Preferably dvd for my region-free player?
    Get well soon.

  5. In the spirit of cheerful debate, Fritzi’s admiration for Moskejune is understandable; I have the same feelings about Novarro. We tend to hold such feelings sacrosanct . Thus, it does touch a nerve when a different view is posed, (especially when we are down with the flu!). Though it is true that both Moskejune and Novarro are beyond caring what we think of them, it does matter to us, so it is important we hold others’ opinions as important as our own.

    1. I just thought it was humorously ironic as I feel exactly that way about Anton Walbrook. (There’s no there there.) I don’t actually care if somebody disagrees because trying to control somebody else’s opinions is a pretty boring way to live one’s life.

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