Gloria Swanson Bluray Giveaway! Win Two Kino Releases!

What’s better than a silent movie? A free silent movie! That’s right, I have Blurays to give away and both feature the glorious Gloria Swanson!

A huge thanks to Kino Lorber for providing these Blurays and for spearheading the release of all these Gloria Swanson treasures!

I have one copy of Stage Struck and one copy of Manhandled on Bluray and they’re each going to a happy Gloria Swanson fan– maybe you!

Let’s make this easy.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know what you love about Gloria; please enter before 11:59 p.m PST on April 16, 2018. On April 17, 2018, I will randomly draw two winners out of the pool (one for each disc).

(The comment doesn’t have to be long or elaborate. And if you’ve never seen Gloria in a movie, you can just say that you’re looking forward to getting to know her better. There are no wrong answers, I just want some Gloria love.)

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, this drawing will be limited to U.S. addresses. The retail value of the Blurays are $29.95 USD each. Limit one entry per household. After I draw the winners, I will contact them via email to arrange shipping of the prizes. If a winner does not respond within seven days, I will void the win and contact the first runner-up.

Be sure to ask if you have any questions or need a clarification.

Qapla’! Best of success! Enjoy!


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53 Replies to “Gloria Swanson Bluray Giveaway! Win Two Kino Releases!”

    1. I love Gloria because she was the real thing! Saw her in Sunset Boulevard like most…..but my interest in silent film led me to seek her older films! Let me say she did not disappoint. Not only was she a great actress and presence on film…..but the movies were great as well! I find it ironic that her best known role was as a fomer star when in fact she was HUGE in her own right! I so welcome these releases of her silent films!!!

  1. Until recently I’d only seen (and adored) Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard and Airport ’75. I just made the commitment to watch a handful of her silent films this year because it didn’t make sense that I hadn’t yet gone back to survey her career. I’m looking forward to sampling her highlights.

  2. Hey Fritzi- I’ve only seen a bit of Gloria, but something about her just sucks you right in. She’s someone I’d like to see a lot more of!

  3. Gloria has the remarkable knack of being able to execute melodrama and kid melodrama at the same time. In her best films, there is always a twinkle that says, “What the heck, it’s only a movie, folks!”

  4. She was the first really big and glamorous movie star. She went t through a lot, and never lost her dignity. Also, she made one of the most spectacular comebacks ever! What‘s not to love?

  5. I still think it’s cool that she and her old director, Cecil B. DeMille, reconnected in “Sunset Boulevard” so that Gloria’s fictional character and DeMille playing himself became quite surreal. And I love the comedies they made together .

  6. I need to see more of her silent movies but I do love Sunset Boulevard. I remember watching Beyond the Rocks when TCM showed it after it was restored. I really liked it. I love her dramatic performances.

  7. I only know Ms. Swanson from “Sunset Blvd.” and that was only three weeks ago! Like everyone else, I plan on seeing some of her Silent films.

    I would love some recommendations!

    Thank you, Fritzi for all you do for us and our beloved Silents!

    **No need to enter me in the drawing ~ not bluray enabled here**
    But thank you anyway 🙂

  8. For years I only knew her performance in SUNSET BOULEVARD (a pretty fantastic performance at that); only recently have I seen some of her silent work and was knocked out by it.Not only was she a glamorous star as advertised, but a tremendous actress as well.

  9. What I love most about her is that she was the archetype for the American Movie Star. She had the whole package!

  10. Hey, it’s my “Music in the Air” lady (and Sunset Boulevard, of course) but as I mainly focus on the 30s and 40s I could go on a whole rant about how robbed I feel over silent era women like Gloria Swanson being sidelined either for less than flawless transitions to “talkies” or just the egregious sin of ageing.


  11. I love her in all her career phases: silent film beauty and comedienne, ‘Sunset Boulevard’ icon with that marvelous voice, and ‘with it’ celebrity in her senior years, not above appearing on TV in ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ and ‘My Three Sons.’

  12. Even though I’m not eligible for the draw, I will reveal that I admire her for many reasons, especially that scene with the lion in “Male and Female ” and her portrayal of Norma Desmond.

  13. Gloria Swanson was a genuine badass. Not only did she survive an abusive marriage to Wallace Beery, she went on to survive Erich Von Stroheim’s equally disastrous production of Queen Kelly, become a health food advocate, thrive with Cecil B. DeMille’s work ethics, and deliver one of the greatest performances ever committed to film with Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder’s immortal Sunset Boulevard. Also, she had an amazing memory when Kevin Brownlow later interviewed her as she could recall minute details from past productions; Gloria Swanson deserves to be called genuine badass. You go, Gloria Swanson!

  14. Regardless of how much she traveled, all the exotic locales she lived, where her last home base was, she was a “Classic Chicagoan”. Like me! The city never had a better ambassador.

  15. Besides Sunset Blvd, I regretfully have only seen Swanson in Queen Kelly (which is emblematic of the sad fact that my silent film experience is limited to a few auteurs, hence why I’ve gotten so into your content!), but she’s two for two with me! I someday intend to see more of her work from before the pictures got small, so to speak. 😉

  16. I love Gloria because she was both of her time and way, way ahead of it. She was brilliant and charismatic; she was tiny – but fierce – and held her own against the likes of DeMille and the other lions (literally and figuratively). She wasn’t the most beautiful of the silent stars, but she glowed so brightly that OF COURSE men like Rudy or Wally would fall at her feet in her films. Gloria’s an icon for a reason, and it isn’t *only* because of Sunset Boulevard.

  17. Smart and a great sense of humor – and proportion on “stardom”. Always admired how she lived her life.

  18. What I love about Gloria Swanson? those bathing beauty postcards she did for Keystone? Her appearance in the Beverly Hillbilies? Sunset Boulevard? Those are the Swansons I have (well that and Teddy at the Throttle). With that list, I need one of the films that actually made her a star.

  19. I haven’t seen Gloria Swanson in a silent film – only in short clips. I loved her in Sunset Boulevard, and I always enjoyed her interviews. Such a fascinating woman.

  20. Hi, my little complaint is that we, European fans, are never eligible for the great giveaways you offer 🙁
    Both these discs are being sold to Europe through Amazon, so I really don’t understand the licensing restrictions mentioned.
    In any case, I am looking forward to owning both films on Blu-ray soon, I loved Gloria in ZAZA, which I first saw on the recent Blu-ray, although my favorite performance of hers remains the one on SUNSET BLVD.
    Best from Paris,

    1. I’m sorry, I have to abide by the rules that are handed to me. I would love to hold a worldwide giveaway and will as soon as there is an opportunity.

  21. My first intro to Gloria Swanson was in Sunset Blvd. I was fascinated by her in sound and looked for her in the silents. Coincidentally I was in love with Rudolph Valentino and watched “Beyond the Rocks” (1922) to see him. Imagine my thrill when I saw a very young Swanson looking gloriously beautiful and acting with finesse. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’d love to own these DVD’s.

  22. One word for Gloria Swanson? Irresistible. A force as both an actress and an overall human, predating clean eating trends by several decades, Swanson was a person born to captivate. While it is easy to to note her physical beauty, looking like an Art Deco goddess early on, it was the presence she brought that backed up the beauty that made such a mark on me. Once you’ve seen her, you will never ever forget her.

  23. Gloria Swanson was the first movie star to appear on the cover of Liberty magazine in 1925!

  24. Isn’t Gloria Swanson in Something to Think About? I have that movie and I remember enjoying the film. The only other film I remember seeing her in is Sunset Boulevard and I thought she did well in it.

  25. Gloria Swanson didn’t need dialogue – she had faces! But, sadly, the only Gloria Swanson silent I’ve seen is the surviving trailer for the lost “Madame Sans-Gene.” I aim to change that.

  26. She was great in Sunset Blvd & I’ve enjoyed all of her silents that I’ve seen. I’d like to see these!

  27. Gloria was the quintessential movie star. Like Joan Crawford, she was never seen by her public looking any less than the glamorous screen star. Yet if you read her autobiography, she was an amazingly down-to-earth woman. She was ahead of her time becoming a vegetarian in the 1920s and adopting a healthy lifestyle way ahead of our organic, health-minded world today. Although she was married several times, she really was an independent woman in Hollywood. Born in Mack Sennett’s slapstick era, groomed in the glamour of DeMille, learning to survive in the talkie era and daring to take on Norma Desmond when other actresses turned her down and then turning in an Oscar-worthy performance, she proved they don’t make actresses like Gloria anymore.

  28. I love seeing the progression of Gloria’s career. Watching her early Sennett shorts such as “Teddy at the Throttle” was a revelation. To see her go from comic leading lady to romantic star to the frighting Icon of “Sunset Boulevard” proves what a true star she was. She is a star whose work I really want to see more of.

  29. I think she has the best “I’m annoyed with everything in the world” look I’ve ever seen. It’s like a super power.

  30. I recently read her autobiography, and I appreciate her candor in covering the highs and lows of her life.

  31. norma desmond is to gloria swanson as scarlett o’hara is to vivien leigh. you can go on youtube and see all the screen tests that were done before vivien leigh entered the picture, and you’ll see that even the best of those efforts would have culminated in a forgettable scarlett. in the case of norma desmond, however, there were plenty of actresses who could have done a fine job. i’ve thought about how pola negri or mae murray or mary pickford or clara bow might have projected their own career struggles onto the canvas of norma desmond. but of these actresses, gloria swanson seems the most down-to-earth and approachable both in her heyday and afterwards. she was not bitter, she was not a recluse, and she even became a pioneer for healthy eating.

    this is precisely why she could play the role of such an aging caricature – because she *wasn’t* one.

  32. Growing up in the ’60’s and ’70’s, I remember seeing her in interviews and documentaries about the Silent Era. Oddly enough, I have never seen any of her silent films (aside from excerpts in the documentaries), and I’ve only recently just seen “Sunset Boulevard” for the first time: she should have won the Oscar that year! (The interesting thing about that film: she was only 50 when she made it, and they made her up to look so much older!). I’ve obviously got a lot of catching up to do, and look forward to seeing her movies (especially the ones with de Mille)!

  33. That Gloria Swanson was a versatile actress and was able to be do great in both comedy and drama!

  34. Like most of the other here, I discovered Gloria in speaking roles, first on The Beverly Hillbillies (who can forget “Passion’s Plaything”?), then in SUNSET BOULEVARD. I love the Gothic atmosphere of Wilder’s film. But I found out later that, despite Wilder’s insistence that he cast Gloria because he knew she’d chew the scenery like a stereotypical Silent diva, Gloria was definitely not Norma Desmond. It was Wilder’s directorial choice for her to go over the top, She gave a wonderful performance, but she wasn’t playing herself. Gloria was better. Anyone who’s seen SADIE THOMPSON and MANHANDLED knows how versatile Gloria was, and how subtle she could be in her silent roles, and in her early talkies. She could do anything.

  35. I haven’t seen nearly enough of her work, but I respect her both as an artist and the down-to-earth person beneath the glamorous exterior. Learned about her through her autobiography, and did she ever weather the storm! Sunset Boulevard was an instant favorite, and I look forward to exploring her films further.

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