Poll Results: You Chose My Theme Month

“The time has come,” the walrus said and we are ready to announce the top choice in our latest poll. We asked our dear readers to choose our next theme month.

And the winner is…

Golly! I’m nervous!

Movies About Movies!

Thank you so much for your votes and I truly appreciate all of you who submitted ideas.

Here are the raw numbers:

I also factored in manual votes submitted via the contact page but they were not quite enough to topple the favorite.

Look for the Movies About Movies theme in May!


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4 Replies to “Poll Results: You Chose My Theme Month”

  1. If only silent Merton would show up at some Bel Air estate sale, or somewhere (it’s out there, whole or piecemeal, firmly believe. Movies about movies are much cherished!). Great fun to read the Kaufman-Connelly play notwithstanding, and imagine.

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