Silent Movie People Are Taken by Surprise

I am shocked– SHOCKED– to find silent movies being covered here!

Ernst Lubitsch’s skill with sight gags is displayed when Jean Hersholt loses his cuff in The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg. It’s a relief that collars and cuffs are not longer a separate item from shirts.

Read my review here.

Only available on VHS at present.

Corinne Griffith has a nasty shock when she discovers that her puritan dress is anything but prim when the lights are right. If you haven’t seen The Garden of Eden, do so at once!

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Available on DVD.

We’ve had some surprisees but here is the surpriser in Tiger Rose. Ooo, those sneaky Mounties!

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Available on DVD.

Seven Keys to Baldpate is a rare surviving George M. Cohan film and it’s also valuable to anybody who wishes to see Hedda Hopper’s corpse being schlepped around like a silent Weekend at Bernie’s.

Read my review here. I also cover the 1980s remake, House of the Long Shadows.

Available on DVD.


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2 Replies to “Silent Movie People Are Taken by Surprise”

  1. Love every one of these GIFS! Corinne Griffith’s surviving films richly deserve to be on the festival circuit, Garden of Eden in particular.

    May I say that any film, silent or sound, that has Jean Hersholt in it is A+ in my book. Watch 10 minutes of him on screen and see why he was so beloved in Hollywood and has the Academy Humanitarian Award named for him. While visiting the Buellton-Solvang area once with my Dad (gods rest him) he hit it off with the proprietor of a shop. Dad mentioned Jean Hershholt somewhere in the chat, a longtime film and radio favorite of his. The man responded fondly, “Our Danish hero!”

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