Death and Taxes

Readers, I chose the latter. I was planning to get something better for you today but I am a bit compulsive (as you might have noticed) and I started organizing my tax stuff and then it seemed like a shame to stop in the middle…

Long story short, no silent film stuff but I did get my taxes filed. Yay. In celebration, have a GIF:

I promise to be much, much, MUCH more fun tomorrow but this is about all I can handle for today. I really need a martini.


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8 Replies to “Death and Taxes”

  1. Over here, Fritz, employees’ wages are taxed at source, so all I have to think about is ……

  2. What’s the Beatles line…declare the pennies on your eyes? Anyway, tax prep aftermath always calls for a martini or two, a snuggle with the house critters, and some well-chosen silent flickers 😉

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