Help Wanted: You Choose My Theme Month

I always enjoy receiving suggestions from my readers and so I thought it would be fun to ask you to choose the theme of an upcoming month.

I find that readers come up with great ideas that I never considered and have had a great time fulfilling your requests over the years. So, thanks!

Leave a comment with your suggestions for topics that deserve a whole month of coverage. There are no wrong answers here, suggest as many as you like and let your imagination run wild! Thanks so much, I truly appreciate and value your feedback.

I should mention that I rarely dedicate an entire month to a single star simply because I don’t want to deplete my supply of available films in one go. There are only so many!

Here is some info to juice up your brain cells. Past themes have included:

Latin American Silent Film

Color in Silent Film

Silent Science Fiction



Pola & Marion (Pola Negri and Marion Davies were born on the same day! Cool, huh?)


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31 Replies to “Help Wanted: You Choose My Theme Month”

  1. How about a month of debuts? Debut performances by actors, first films by directors, debut screenplays by writers, etc. Conversely, “last known pictures.”

  2. Hi

    I’m really enjoying your silent film reviews and news (or old news). Could I suggest an extreme weather theme. I really enjoy outside locations and I love the snow scenes in The Flapper 1920. Or you could have a seaside theme or a locations then and now theme.

    Thanks very much for all your posts.

    Best wishes

    (From England)

  3. Hi Fritzi, what about either a theme of silent films that involve or surround the Press or films which could have fit into the Film Noir era?

  4. A couple of suggestions that might prove interesting to explore (apologies for my cheesy titles):

    -Straight Outta Fort Lee (a month concentrating solely on the movie output of Fort Lee NJ.

    -Rinty and Jean and Pepper and Josephine (a month concentrating on animal stars in silent films)

  5. Oh, ‘locations then and now,’ definitely. I was blown away by how much the LA area had changed between my visits in the 60s and 80s, and of course NYC and NJ are a far cry from the ‘rustic’ setting where pre-Hollywood westerns were filmed. Even Biograph Studio’s neighborhood in the Bronx where TV shows were made got torn apart by the Cross-Bronx Expressway and basically lost its identity.

  6. Thanks for the opportunity, though I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever topics you choose. Some ideas: Scandinavian silents; Chinese silents; surreal or Dadaist films; documentary reporting of World War One; 21st century silent film making. Also – early non-commercial film making: here in Australia, the Salvation Army dominated the earliest year or two of filmmaking. I wonder if there were other places where film began for non-commercial reasons.

      1. Thanks – I was unaware of Mr Sampson’s work. I confess I don’t like the films he worked on, but I (dimly) remember his television programs, and I did enjoy them. The Salvation Army connection is fascinating.

  7. How about a theme that leads to movies from all sorts of genres? Some ideas:

    Movies about movies – Sherlock Jr, Show People, The Extra Girl, or even Shadow of the Vampire (not a silent, but a really fun movie about a silent!)

    Movies where it’s cold – Epic of Everest, Nomads of the North, Way Down East, The Great White Silence, or Laila

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Wings, A Dash Through the Clouds, Now or Never, The Wheel, Beggars of Life, The Speed Kings, Kid Auto Races at Venice, or The Blacksmith

    I know you’ve already reviewed a few of these…these are the ones that came to mind. Love the blog and thanks for doing what you do!

  8. I’ve been thinking about this but I can’t come up with anything good. Maybe great pairings? That is if you haven’t done it yet. It would be with people who have worked together on at least two movies.
    Ahh, I’ll keep thinking of something, but I really like other people’s suggestions (Especially the “extreme weather” one!)
    Anyway, I know I’ll read your posts just the same. Have a great day!

  9. Fictional books about the silent era? I just finished ‘Merton of the Movies’ which was brought to my notice by one of your correspondents. I’m unaware of others.

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