Help Wanted: Which Silent Film Star Recipes Should I Prepare Next?

I’m getting myself prepped for a new year of silent movie fun and would love your feedback on my Cooking with the (Silent) Stars series. Specifically, are there any celebrities you’d like to see show up?

I have over twenty vintage celebrity cookbooks plus assorted recipes from magazines and I have been having a blast with the series. It started as a project to cook every recipe in Photoplay’s 1929 cookbook but expanded to include other books and other stars.

Is there a silent you’d like to see represented? This is your chance! Ask away. (You can read all my past taste tests here.)

Define Silent Star: I’m pretty loosey-goosey about this. Are they a famous actor, writer, director, producer, etc.? Did they make any silent movies? Any at all? That’s good enough for me!

From Anywhere? I am certainly not opposed to preparing recipes from non-Hollywood stars but my cookbooks are American and are skewed toward American stars or international talents that made films in America. However, if you have a bead on a particular recipe, send it my way and I will see what I can do.

Serving Seconds: I’ve covered quite a few famous stars already but most have multiple recipes available. Feel free to ask for seconds.

Comedy Shortage: One last thing to know is that comedy stars are pretty poorly represented in the recipe realm. The huge names (Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, Normand, Davies, Pitts, etc.) are present but lesser-known comedy stars didn’t seem to be included very often. Feel free to request but there may not be an available recipe.

Can I request a dish? Sure. If you’d rather request a type of food rather than a specific star, go right ahead. Just remember that tastes have changed considerably since the 1910s and 1920s, so ubiquitous modern dishes may not be present.


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9 Replies to “Help Wanted: Which Silent Film Star Recipes Should I Prepare Next?”

  1. This series is such a nice idea. I tried the pot roast one from Pat O’Malley and it’s my new go-to, and I thought I knew it all about pot roast! But I’d never thought to add celery, strangely enough. It’s fantastic. In that vein, I’d personally be interested in seeing other recipes for entrees, if you have any available (and if it’s not too much of an investment in time/ingredients to try an entree recipe rather than a side dish or a dessert). Thanks for posting these!

  2. Anything, be it app, entrée, salad, or dessert from Charley Chase or Harry Langdon, plus dishes from any of the ladies, well-known or not so, profiled in Slapstick Divas (am re-reading several swathes of SD again today…why ever would you ask 😉

    And A Happy Hollandaise To All!

  3. Is there anything for cowboy star Fred Thomson? I’m friends with a cousin of his–a gent in his nineties who remembers the silents and with whom I go to silent films. He would be thrilled to know!

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