Silent Movie Stars Deal with Terrible Weather

There are few things more dramatic than extreme weather so here are silent movie stars dealing with those extremes in their own unique ways.

Ramon Novarro and Enid Bennett cuddle in the middle of a violent storm in The Red Lily, a tender moment that sets off a dark and grim chain of events.

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Available on DVD from Warner Archive.

Snow schmow, the Russians take in all in stride in the 1909 actuality Moscow Clad in Snow. An astonishing look at a world that would soon be lost forever.

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Available on DVD.

Charlie Chaplin tries to play the snow day casually in The Gold Rush but it doesn’t really work out the way he planned.

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Available on DVD and Bluray.

Another day, another dark and stormy night in Tiger Rose. Forrest Stanley’s Super Mountie character is still on alert for ne’er-do-wells in this delightful adventure.

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Available on DVD.


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6 Replies to “Silent Movie Stars Deal with Terrible Weather”

  1. So many people complain about snow but i would rather have snow than forest fires, earthquakes, landslides, drought etc… that California has. I love that image from Russia before the Revolution

  2. Heh. This works, since I just got back inside from shoveling 8 inches of snow (and did both my next door neighbors, too). Only I was not silent. And I hope no one took pictures. ;P

      1. Indeed they do not. Rather be sitting where Forrest Stanley is sitting, with a downpour outside the window. Instead just watched another burnt orange sunset sifted through smoke drift clouds.

        We’re 100+ miles northwest of the Thomas Fire, btw 🙁

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