Trying Out a New Series: Eating the Silents

I’m always trying out new things on the site and I’m happy to announce that I am trying out a new cooking series. While I have been experimenting with silent era celebrity recipes for quite some time with my Cooking with the (Silent) Stars posts, my new feature will focus on the films themselves.

Eating the Silents will focus on recreating the meals that we see on the silent screen, for better or worse. There are quite a few excellent series that make the food of the movies– Binging with Babish is probably the most popular— but I will be working exclusively in the silent era, so I am pretty confident that I will have this little corner to myself.

As with Cooking with the (Silent) Stars, I will not be attempting living history or perfect replicas. I just want to see if a home cook can make some of the things that we see in the silent movies. I’m not a professional chef, a nutritionist or a food historian but I will eat anything that doesn’t eat me first.

My targets will be interesting food and drink, actual edibility will be a lesser factor. The main goal is fun. I will be starting out in Hollywood but will probably also branch into foreign cinema because the only thing I like more than watching other nations’ cinema is eating other nations’ food.

My first target will be a food that started a rebellion. No, not the maggot-infested food from Battleship Potemkin, I’m talking about the stewed prunes from Daddy Long Legs. Look for my first post next week.

I am also looking for suggestions for future installments if this first post goes over well. Is there a silent film food scene that makes you wonder what the cast was tasting? (Good or bad.) Let me know!


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16 Replies to “Trying Out a New Series: Eating the Silents”

  1. This seems like a splendid idea- looking forward to the first installment!

    As far as suggestions: the infamous lobster dinner from He Did And He Didn’t, or, if a lobster boil is not particularly appealing, recreating all or part of Mabel’s home-cooked dinner for Roscoe (and Luke) in Fatty and Mabel Adrift (looks to be sliced ham, a salad, and some truly amazing biscuits).

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