Silent Movie Stars Brandishing Assorted Weapons

Silent movie stars were armed and dangerous, more often than not. It’s hardly surprising as villains and bandits and villainous bandits and bootleggers could be around any corner. Here are the assorted steps taken for offense and defense.

What’s this? Oh, Conrad Veidt surrounded by a sea of swords. I’m sure nothing bad or deadly will come of this. By the way, the movie is called The Last Performance, which is not menacing.

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Released on DVD and Bluray as an extra for Lonesome.

Here’s an interesting one from a fantasy sequence in the Chilean film The Hussar of Death. One of the villains imagines our hero (the aforementioned hussar of death) in various disguises, each more heavily armed than the last.

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Available for free and legal viewing on the website of Chile’s national archive.

Two Arabian Knights is a fun buddy comedy that starts out as POW picture and ends up, well, in the Arabian Nights. Louis Wolheim, one of the buddies, has his work cut out for him.

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Not available on home video but sometimes airs on TCM.

William Boyd is mad as heck and he isn’t taking it anymore! “It” in this case is systematic oppression under the czar’s regime. Exactly what you would expect from a Cecil B. DeMille movie. (That was sarcastic.)

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Available on DVD.

Lest you think this is a boy’s club, here is Sally Rand. Miss Rand has traded in her bubble and fan for a pistol in The Fighting Eagle and I think it suits her.

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Released on DVD.


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