Silent Movie Stars Are Dancing Fools (Two-three-kick-turn! Turn-turn-kick-turn!)

Time for some more silent movie dance GIFs! There are always plenty of dance sequences in silent films (a good number of movie stars did stints as professional dancers) and here are a few choice cuts.

Claws of Gold is a Colombian picture that reaches peak 1920s with its dance sequence. Alas, I do not know the identity of the lead dancer (cast information in general is hard to come by for this film) but the film was either shot in Colombia or Italy, if that helps.

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Released on DVD by the Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano as part of their Cine Silente Colombiano set. You can learn more and request to purchase a copy here.

Here’s a wild bit of partying from An Unsullied Shield. Whoops! Look out! I think we spotted some ankle there! This is a 1913 film that features one of those “family portraits coming to life” scenes.

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Released on DVD as part of the Edison: The Invention of the Movies box set.

The lovely pages of Oz’s court perform a little dance in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, generally reckoned to be the first real Oz film… unless it isn’t. In any case, the ladies seem to be getting a fair amount of air in their kicks considering that they must also lug around pikes.

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The best version currently in print is included as an extra on the three-disc release of the 1939 MGM musical.

Georges Méliès does a happy dance after completing his invention in The Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship. Despite its delightful title, the film is actually about madness and suicide. You know, for the kids.

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Released on the Méliès Encore disc from Flicker Alley.

So he won’t dance, huh? The denizens of a small Arizona town in Wild and Woolly know exactly how coax moves out of a reluctant dancer.

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Released on DVD as part of Flicker Alley’s Douglas Fairbanks: A Modern Musketeer box set.


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  1. Children, teens, and adults alike took lessons to master all those wonderful early 20th century dance steps so they could step out and successfully shake a leg!!! Social interaction at many levels virtually required it! Simply swaying? I think not.

    Love all these great GIFS!

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