Silent Movie People Describe the Internet

The internet. Ah, yes, the internet. Something that has the potential to be so incredibly smart but there are just days when we need to unplug. So enjoy GIFs of silent movie people disparaging the internet from before there was an internet. And you can enjoy it all on the internet.

(I love the internet, by the way. I love getting good deals on slivered almonds and having silent movies instantly delivered to my screen. That being said, it can be a little scary out there.)

Charles Clary is a French aristocrat of the pre-Revolution days in A Tale of Two Cities. Not a nice man but this title card fits the internet on its wilder days.

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The film is available on DVD from Grapevine.

The internet again, ladies and gentlemen. In this case, Virginia Lee Corbin is speaking her mind in the flapper dramedy Bare Knees.

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This film is available on DVD from Grapevine.

Here’s a GIF for complaining about people complaining on the internet, if you want to be very meta. It’s Clara Bow in Mantrap.

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Released on DVD as part of the Treasures 5 box set.

But some internet stuff is just cute. As cute as Charley Chase’s loony routine in Crazy Like a Fox.

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Crazy Like a Fox is available on DVD as the Charley Chase volume of Kino’s Slapstick Symposium collection.

But then you find out that your cute favorite is actually a Milkshake Duck and now what do you do? Well, you can admit that you were wrong, as King James did in Lorna Doone.

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The film is available on DVD from Kino.


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    1. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format but nobody but nerds and design students really think about that. In practical terms, GIF refers to looping animated images that last for just a second or two.

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