News from the Silent Movie Front: Lost Harold Lloyd Comedy Found, Silent Blurays

Some big news for silent movie fans, so let’s dive right in. We have a lost film found, a whole bunch of Blurays and a cunning plan.

Lost Harold Lloyd Comedy Found in Russia

Those wacky Russians have done it again! Thanks to unspeakably cold winters and an archive that’s bursting at the seams, they’ve come up with another lost American film!

Film historian Steve Massa reports that the Gosfilmofond has unearthed a copy of the 1915 comedy A Mix-Up for Maisie. This would be from Lloyd’s Lonesome Luke series, two years before he debuted his iconic Glass character.

Last time the Gosfilmofond Archive turned up lost silents, they graciously presented copies to the Library of Congress. Here’s hoping that tradition stands!

New and Upcoming Blurays

There are tons of exciting silent film Blurays that have been released or are about to be released, so I thought I would publish a roundup:

Flicker Alley’s restoration of The Lost World will be released on Bluray on September 19, 2017. The restoration includes the addition of original Handschiegl color sequences, which look AMAZING!

(You can read my review of The Lost World here.)

Lya de Putti in “Variety”

Kino Lorber’s edition of Beggars of Life with Louise Brooks and Richard Arlen will be released on DVD and Bluray. Kino will also be released the Murnau Stiftung restoration of Dupont’s Variety on DVD and Bluray with (thank heaven) a new score. Both Kino titles have a street date of August 22, 2017.

(You can read my review of Variety here.)

Undercrank Productions has released three new Marion Davies titles: When Knighthood was in Flower on DVD/Bluray and Beauty’s Worth and The Bride’s Play on DVD. You can order all three titles here.

Grapevine has released Bebe Daniels’ delightful hypochondriac comedy Feel My Pulse on Bluray. I have not seen this edition so if you have had a chance to view a copy, please share your impressions.

(Read my review of Feel My Pulse here.)

And more secret stuff

I am currently involved in a couple of conspiracies, which, if successful, will result in even more rare silent films being made available to the general public. (Some of them for the very first time since their initial release.) I can’t say more just yet but I hope to be able to tell all very soon!


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  1. Oooooo! Secrets, conspiracies, and rare silents for everyone!? *insert bright eyes and a sly, anticipating grin*

  2. Finally my chance for a Bluray of Varieté, and I’m taking it! Acquired three lovely stills from the film years ago labeled Jealousy Jannings on the back- at last a worthy restoration to go with!

    Just pre-ordered! 😀

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