A Big Thanks to the #Swashathoners! Swashathoneers. Swashathon… people

Today is the last day of the Swashathon and there are still new posts coming in. I have been updating the roster since Friday, so be sure to check it out and enjoy all the swashbuckling goodness!

A blogathon is only as good as its participants and you have done an amazing job. So many films covered from numerous genres and my to-watch list is bursting at the seams. Huzzah!

I’ll be announcing my new event soon but in the meantime, I will be continuing to enjoy your terrific posts.

P.S. ARRRRR, me bullies!


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6 Replies to “A Big Thanks to the #Swashathoners! Swashathoneers. Swashathon… people”

  1. The more I see of Black Pirate’s two strip Technicolor, the more I’m glad I ordered the Kino Bluray. So, so beautiful! Thanks much for the new Dove and Fairbanks .gif 😀

  2. Thank you Fritzi This was as much fun as the first Swashathon. I’m very grateful for all the hard work that you do and to everyone who participated for sharing their talents.

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