The Swashathon is coming soon!

You can find the updated event roster with links here.

The Swashathon launches this coming Friday! I am very much looking forward to reading everyone’s posts and so I thought I would publish a few reminders for everyone’s convenience.

The complete roster and event details can be found here but here are some answers to common questions.

Early Posting: Both allowed and encouraged. Be sure to send me a link!

Joining in: There’s still time to join! Check the roster to make sure your film of choice has not been claimed and leave me a comment.

Comments: If you enjoy someone’s post, be sure to leave a nice comment for them!

See you Friday!


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14 Replies to “The Swashathon is coming soon!”

  1. So glad the Swashathon is finally in sight! It’s a dead cert how I’ll be spending a good deal of my online time come this Friday 😀

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